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Built on Proven Technology you can use Today!

Even now, you too can enhance your online experiences with friends, family and community in your own VIRTUAL WORLD.

With Today's Economy, are you finding it difficult to get together, face to face? For organizations, causes or educators, this may be an alternative to traveling. For the community organizer: invite new neighbors into your virtual home without having to wash the dishes or lock up the dog and cat or that 6 foot long Iguana.

We have begun integrating content that can energize your social networking friends and stimulate dialogue among visitors. Classroom and Conference rooms can have streaming content suggested by your visitors and group co-organizers. IT'S YOUR WORLD! Help us meet your needs to support your local group, Family Assistance Network, even Guard or Reserve training or your nonprofit charity's volunteer orientations.

A typical virtual meeting place including embedded media support.

What is our VIRTUAL WORLD?

  • An interactive, virtual world, designed to serve you and your group, charity or just friends and family.
  • Created using leading-edge technology, it allows you to experience everything from within this immersive and beautiful 3D world!
  • It is designed to enhance, rather than replace your current activities within your social networking communities.
  • It helps make building relationships and connections with other groups more meaningful and fun!
  • It is surprisingly EASY TO USE! You can experience the fun within minutes of joining your Virtual World!

Meet and Greet old and new friends, Virtually!

The Welcome Center, equipped with fun, interactive tools that
show you how to enjoy your new Virtual World.

Learning how to navigate your way around is supported by interactive "How To" video kiosks located in the Welcome Center. There's also a good chance one of our volunteers will be there to assist if you have any questions.

You do not have to belong to any group or organization to experience our world. While most of the people you will meet have a common reason for being there, we welcome everyone who cares about our country, honoring our veterans and respecting family values. We are not an adult only world like many others on the Internet. We are family and children friendly and safe.

Take Ownership of your own private space.

Rick is an active duty soldier who takes great pride in his Army unit.

Members of our virtual world have their own apartments where they can invite friends to share their time online. They can watch a movie, chat about old times or current events. Real life obstacles fade as does the distance that separates comrades in arms, loved ones and new friends.

Click these images for a close up view of your world and some of it's features.

From left to right you'll see just a small portion of the virtual  world that awaits you and your friends. Classrooms feature streaming videos, interactive lectures on topics like "The Founding Fathers" and "The Constitution" or any other topic members wish to produce. It's not all work and no play in your world. You can rock climb above the Skate Park, race your friends in the Speedway. You and someone special who may be far away can come together for a romantic evening of dining and dancing high above the city lights.

Are you Ready?

Register, go to the DOWNLOAD TAB, install and enjoy.


More? Host Your Own Special Event.
For Example: Want to do something special for our TROOPS?

July 4th Tribute to Veterans Past and Present

Prototerra sponsors the perfect place, friendly volunteers to help and a backdrop unlike anything else on the Internet. Our Veterans Virtual Memorial Village is dedicated to veterans past and present, military families and wounded warriors returning home from the battlefield.

This is a quiet place to honor our veterans and the only virtual memorial for all veterans, all wars and all service branches. An arc of flags representing all of the armed services surrounds this 30-foot, black granite obelisk depicting the heroes of our nation. In the center will fly the MIA/POW flag as a constant reminder of the deep sacrifices of so many families and their loved ones.

The Veterans Village is both a solemn place (the memorial itself) and happy place for families to unite, even if a mom or dad is deployed in service to our nation. Instead of standing in long lines to call home, our troops with Internet access can join the kids in the park, or share intimate moments and conversations with their spouses.

In the Virtual Veterans Park, the soldiers being treated for their wounds at the Fort Bliss, TX Wounded Warrior Unit, will be able to walk with their brother soldiers who are bedridden at Walter Reed Memorial Hospital in Washington, DC. They were brothers in combat and are being reunited in a world where pain vanishes for a time as they enjoy the brotherhood of warriors.

If you find this Virtual World something worthy of bringing to your groups or friends, you'll find the process of building your own Virtual World meeting places an easy one. Show this to other members and friends; spread the word! With your helpful suggestions and feedback, and a little luck, your Virtual World can flourish into a place specifically tailored to enhance your community's needs.